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Towson Grounds for Divorce Lawyer

Maryland is one of several states that allows couples to obtain a fault-based or no-fault divorce. Filing a fault-based divorce means you are accusing your spouse of being the reason the marital relationship broke down. If you or your spouse files a no-fault divorce, you do not have to show any wrongdoing but instead, must only state that you no longer wish to be married. Filing a fault-based divorce is very challenging, as you must prove your allegations. A Towson grounds for divorce lawyer can advise on what the grounds are, and help you collect evidence to prove your chase.

Grounds for Limited Divorce in Towson

Known as a legal separation in other states, Maryland allows couples to obtain a limited divorce. If you obtain a limited divorce, you and your spouse can live separate and apart, but you’re still legally married. The grounds for a limited divorce include:

  • Cruelty,
  • Aggressive behavior toward a spouse or minor child that is excessive,
  • Desertion, and
  • Mutual, voluntary separation.

Grounds for Absolute Divorce in Towson

To effectively dissolve your marriage and no longer be considered legally married, you must obtain an absolute divorce. An absolute divorce will allow you to remarry in the future. The grounds for an absolute divorce in Towson, and throughout Maryland are as follows:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion of one year or longer
  • Harsh conduct or cruelty
  • A separation of one year
  • A conviction of a criminal offense, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, and
  • Insanity.

Proving grounds for divorce is much more difficult than it sounds. You must obtain evidence, which is not always easy, particularly when you are feeling the stress and other emotions divorce brings. It is always important to work with a Towson grounds for divorce lawyer, but it is even more critical when filing on fault-based grounds.

No-Fault Grounds for Divorce

Like all other states throughout the nation, Maryland also allows no-fault options for couples getting a divorce. The two options are as follows:

  • 12 month separation: Neither spouse must prove the other was to blame for the breakdown of the marriage. Couples must only live apart, in separate residences, and cannot be sexually intimate for a period of twelve months. Couples do not have to divorce or separate.
  • Mutual consent: Couples can also obtain a no-fault divorce on the grounds of mutual consent. The spouses can remain in the same residence, and there is no waiting period. There are certain requirements for obtaining a divorce on the grounds of mutual consent, such as both spouses must resolve all issues, such as distribution of property and child custody, and sign a written settlement agreement.

Call Our Grounds for Divorce Lawyer in Towson for More Information

Before you file for divorce, you must have grounds to do so, and determining which one is right for your case is not always as straightforward as it seems. At Lebovitz Law, our Towson grounds for divorce lawyers can advise on the option that is right for you and if necessary, help prove your case. Call us now at (410) 657-6494 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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