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Towson Father’s Rights Lawyer

In child custody matters, it is usually a mother and father who are involved in the dispute. Unfortunately, fathers often feel as though they are not treated fairly by the courts and they are concerned that they will receive an unfavorable outcome. Truthfully, there are no such things as ‘father’s rights’ or ‘mother’s rights’ in a custody dispute, as each parent is typically considered to have equal rights to their children. Still, if you are a father and are facing a custody battle, it is critical that you have strong legal representation. Our Towson father’s rights lawyer can provide it.

What Rights Do Fathers Have in Towson?

Like all other parties in family law matters, fathers have many rights. They include:

  • The right to visit with their child
  • The right to child support if they were awarded child custody
  • The right to access the school and medical records for the child
  • The right to adopt a child
  • The right to child custody

How is Child Custody Determined in Towson?

All child custody cases in Towson, as throughout the rest of Maryland, focus on the best interests of the child. If a couple cannot agree on child custody matters, a judge will make the final decision and they will only take these factors into consideration. They will not consider what is best for either the mother or father.

Still, men sometimes find it very difficult to get child custody. This is particularly true when the mother has stayed home to raise the children and take care of the household. Evidence is extremely important in child custody cases and the more a father can present, the better chance they will have of being awarded custody. Some of the most important evidence in child custody cases includes:

  • Journals detailing how a father acted in the best interests of the child, or how a mother acted against them
  • Eyewitness statements, including those from teachers, coaches, and other mentors
  • Photographs, video footage, and audio recordings
  • Emails and text messages from the mother
  • School reports
  • Medical and insurance bills

Mistakes Fathers Should Avoid

Sometimes, fathers unwittingly make things more difficult for themselves by taking certain actions. These actions may seem like natural steps to take, but they can negatively impact a child custody case. The most common mistakes men make, and that are critical to avoid, are as follows:

  • Moving out of the same family home the children reside in
  • Living in a home that is unkempt and not maintained
  • Not being able to keep steady employment
  • Not fighting against fraudulent order of protection charges brought by the mother

Our Father’s Rights Lawyer in Towson Will Ensure Yours are Protected

If you are a father in the middle of a custody dispute, do not go through it alone. At Lebovitz Law, our Towson father’s rights lawyer will ensure that you are always protected and that your rights are upheld. Call us now at (410) 657-6494 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about your legal options.

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