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Towson Marital Settlement Agreements Lawyer

Marital settlement agreements are not mandatory in Maryland, but they can simplify the process for any couple getting a divorce. Couples who have already drafted a marital settlement agreement can obtain an uncontested divorce. Both parties have already agreed to dissolve their marriage, and each party knows how property will be divided, as well as who will have child custody. Any issue that must be resolved in a divorce can be included in a marital settlement agreement, and the issues then do not need to be resolved by a judge.

Drafting a settlement agreement is not always easy, and very specific language must be used. A Towson marital settlement agreements lawyer can help you draft yours to ensure it includes all necessary information.

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

A marital settlement agreement is not the same as a divorce. The document simply outlines the different terms a couple has agreed on. The most common provisions in a marital settlement agreement include:

  • Division of marital and non-marital property
  • Child custody, both physical and legal, including a visitation schedule
  • Child support
  • Alimony

The language used within a marital settlement agreement must be clear and specific. Each party should also thoroughly read the document before signing, as these agreements are often revised several times before a final draft is completed. Marital settlement agreements must be in writing, and signed and notarized, before it is submitted to a judge. If the judge finds the arrangements within the agreement fair and reasonable, it will be officially approved.

How to Establish a Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital settlement agreements can be drafted at any point. Couples have the option of drafting their own documents or using templates found online and in local government offices. It is recommended that couples creating an agreement work with a Towson marital settlement agreements lawyer.

Before you begin drafting an agreement, you and your spouse should list all of your marital and non-marital assets. Having these lists can make it easier to divide assets. Real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, and retirement accounts should all be listed. You can also include which party is responsible for paying attorney’s fees and court costs.

Marital settlement agreements can be very simple documents that are no more than one page in length, or they can be complex contracts that encompass many pages. As long as the agreement includes all of the important information, the length does not matter. Once the agreement has been drafted, it can also be modified if necessary in the future.

Our Marital Settlement Agreements Lawyer in Towson Can Prepare Yours

If you are thinking about getting a divorce and want to simplify the process, our Towson marital settlement agreements lawyer at Lebovitz Law can help. Our seasoned attorney can draft an agreement that is fair and reasonable and addresses your needs now, and in the future. Call us now at (410) 657-6494 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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