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How to Modify a Child Support Arrangement

Document with The Name Child Support AgreementDuring a marriage dissolution – divorce or legal separation – the parents usually establish quality child support arrangements to cater to their children’s financial needs. However, a change in circumstance can make the existing child support amount inappropriate. Such changes may include a substantial change in income, remarriage, a new baby, medical condition, or an increase in the child’s needs. A compassionate Maryland family law attorney has the resources to talk with you about how to modify a child support arrangement.

Lebovitz Law LLC enjoys providing dedicated legal counsel and loyal advocacy to clients in family law and divorce-related matters, including child support modifications. Attorney Richard Lebovitz is great at assessing clients’ needs, determining eligibility for a child support modification, and guiding them through the legal processes involved. The firm is proud to serve clients across Towson, Baltimore County, and throughout the state of Maryland, as well as York, Pennsylvania.

Reasons to Modify a Child Support Arrangement

The purpose of the child support payment is to cater to the basic needs of the child. These include their daily living expenses, school tuition, medical insurance, and other expenses needed to maintain the child’s living standard.

However, the child support amount may become inappropriate over time. Hence, to ensure that the child support arrangement is reasonable and fair, the court may approve a formal request to change the current child support amount due to a material change in circumstance. Some eligible reasons to modify a child support agreement include:

  • Change in the parent’s financial situation
  • Unemployment or involuntary loss of job
  • Custody changes
  • Disability
  • Active military duty
  • A serious injury or critical illness that makes the parent unable to work
  • New baby
  • An increase or decrease in the cost of childcare or health insurance
  • An increase in the child’s needs
  • Remarriage
  • Incarceration
  • A permanent disability

A determined lawyer can inform you about how to change child support in Maryland and advise you through the legal processes involved.

Maryland Guidelines

for Modifying Child Support

Furthermore, child support modifications are not automatic. One of the child’s parents must file a written “motion” or a formal request to the court seeking the modification of child support. For the court to approve the request, the parent seeking child support modification must show that there has been a “material change in circumstance,” which makes it necessary to adjust the existing decree.

Imputing Income

In Maryland, the court may impute the income of a parent who hides their earnings to minimize or avoid paying child support. The court will consider the following factors to determine the parent’s imputed income:

  • The parent’s age, physical and mental condition.
  • The parent’s educational level, literacy, and special training or skills.
  • The parent’s occupational qualifications and skills
  • Employment and earnings history of the parent.
  • The parent’s assets and actual income from all sources
  • Other factors that affect the parent’s ability to earn for child support.

A proficient family law attorney can help protect your child support rights and educate you about how remarriage can affect support.

How Remarriage Affects Support

Although, remarriage alone doesn’t directly affect child support arrangements. However, there are certain things linked to remarriage which may cause a material change in circumstances, thus, affecting child support. These include:

  • New household expenses
  • Change in income
  • The new spouse adopts the child
  • Change in the child custody agreement or visitation schedules

In some cases, the court may consider the new spouse’s income when modifying child support. A practiced Maryland child support attorney can evaluate the surrounding circumstances of your specific situation and help you make valued decisions.

Lebovitz Law LLC:

Skilled & Compassionate Counsel

Modifying child support arrangements in Maryland often involves a lot of complex procedures. If you believe that circumstances have changed since the original child support order was made and you are seeking an adjustment, you must speak with a trusted family law attorney to protect your child support rights.

Attorney Richard Lebovitz has the comprehension to advise and instruct individuals and families through the challenges involved in child support modifications. He has the tools necessary to work diligently with both parties to achieve a fair child support amount based on the current economic situation and the child’s needs.

Contact Lebovitz Law LLC today to schedule a simple consultation with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer. Attorney Richard Lebovitz has the trained legal advice and brilliant advocacy you need to navigate wise decisions in your child support modifications. The firm proudly serves clients across Towson, Baltimore County, and throughout the state of Maryland, as well as York, Pennsylvania.

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