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How to Co-Parent Successfully

Woman and Man Looking at CalculatorLearning how to co-parent is not something that everyone succeeds at immediately. It takes time, flexibility and a great deal of patience. After a difficult divorce, it can also be tough for spouses to put aside their differences. Both parties have one thing in common, however, and that’s concern for their children. Most couples do their best to sidestep arguments for the sake of their child’s welfare.

When exes have a healthy mindset and the right tools at their disposal, they can often make it work. Still, co-parenting can feel overwhelming if you’ve just divorced and don’t know where to start. The following tips describe how to co-parent successfully, and how to keep the relationship healthy and productive.

Communicate with Your Ex Frequently

At first, you may feel angry and resentful when you speak to your ex, but these feelings pass with time. The relationship will eventually feel more professional than personal. It’s great if you can maintain a friendship, but the most important thing is making sure your kids are comfortable. In order to make that happen, you have to communicate with each other and stay on the same page. Organize weekly phone and Zoom calls or coffee dates to discuss your schedule and anything related to childcare. Learning how to co-parent will be much easier if you talk often and problem-solve efficiently.

Create a Solid Parenting Plan That Works

In Maryland, any case that involves the custody of a minor child requires a parenting plan. However, this isn’t just a legal hoop you have to jump through. By creating a solid parenting plan, the whole family benefits. Establishing a plan for visits, school drop-offs, and holidays ensures that everything runs smoothly. Both parties must work together to come up with a plan that works for everybody. To do this, have an in-depth discussion with your ex and address any details surrounding work schedules and other commitments.

Be as Amicable and Respectful as Possible, Especially in Front of Your Kids

There is a good chance that your kids have already been affected by their parents’ divorce. Getting into heated disputes in their presence will only make matters worse. Every time you meet with your ex, you have the opportunity to set a good example. Show your children that it’s possible to have an amicable, respectful relationship after a break-up. Put your best foot forward and prioritize the needs of your children. If you do argue, try to settle your differences when your kids aren’t around. The option of attending therapy sessions is always available if you want to learn to compromise and avoid conflict.

Additionally, you may need a lawyer to assist you with child custody arrangements and parenting plans. If you’re learning how to co-parent for the first time, a skilled attorney can make the process much easier. With Lebovitz Law, LLC, you can count on us to support you and your family and find a resolution that fits everyone’s needs.

Navigating a Custody Case? The Attorneys at Lebovitz Law, LLC Are Here to Help!

At Lebovitz Law, LLC, we know that learning how to co-parent is never easy. If you’re seeking any advice related to divorce or child custody, you’ll need assistance from a legal expert. No matter what questions you have, the experienced attorneys at Lebovitz Law, LLC can help. We’ll do everything our power to secure an advantageous outcome on your behalf. To schedule a consultation or speak to an attorney, contact us at (410) 657-6494.

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