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Child Support Attorney in Towson, Maryland

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Mother holding her toddler daughterYou want your child to get the financial and emotional support they need after your divorce. That's why it's important to work with a family lawyer you can trust. Lebovitz Law LLC focuses on child support law in Towson, Maryland. Attorney Lebovitz will work hard to reach a child support agreement that works for everyone involved.

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Protect Your Child's Future

What Factors Affect a Child Support Case?

There are several factors that go into a child support agreement decision, such as:

  • Each parent's financial situation

  • The child's special health needs

  • The child's relationship with each parent

Attorney Lebovitz also assists clients with child support modification. If the judge reviews all of these factors and makes a decision that doesn't work for you or your child, you have options. With a child support modification, you can petition the court to change the terms of the arrangement.

Change Your Child Support Agreement

Your initial child support agreement may not work for your current situation. Attorney Lebovitz can help you change your agreement to fit your current needs.

Qualifying life events for child support modification include...

  • Getting married

  • Having another child

  • Starting a new job

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