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Surviving the Holidays with Custody Issues

The holiday season is finally here, which means that many families are dealing with the custody issues that go hand-in-hand with turkey and presents. If you are concerned that your kids might miss out on holiday magic due to disagreements and child custody issues, now is the time to work out a holiday visitation schedule.

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How Do Subsequent Children Affect a Current Child Support Order?

A number of lifestyle changes can affect a current child support order, including a new job and the birth of a new child. It’s important to note that child support will not automatically change when your life does, so you must be aware of the legal process to request a modification.

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Common Mistakes People Make when Facing a Legal Dispute

Even if you have a basic understanding of the legal world, it may not be sufficient to win a case. Trying to settle legal disputes on your own can put a burden on your personal and professional life. However, working with an experienced attorney can reduce not only your stress but also the chance of a critical mistake.

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