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Why Youu2019ll Never Be Left In The Dark When Using Lebovitz Law

With close to three decades of experience in practicing law, attorney Rich Lebovitz has a strong understanding of what it takes to win over the trust of clients going through stressful legal matters. Perhaps the biggest thing that has helped Lebovitz in running a successful firm for so many years is his willingness to make himself available to clients. Those who hire Rich quickly learn that he is not just incredibly kind and knowledgeable, but is always willing to make time to talk and answer client questions.

Most attorneys would like to be available for their clients, but end up becoming overwhelmed by other work matters, and simply can’t get to the phone. Yet somehow, Lebovitz Law is able to guarantee that all of its clients get to speak with a live knowledgeable representative from the firm every time they call into the office.

So what’s Lebovitz Law’s secret? We’ll clue you in on that shortly. But, first, let’s talk about why other lawyers end up leaving their clients in the dark.

It’s Virtually Impossible For A Law Office To Answer All Of Its Incoming Calls

Law offices are busy places, and even attorneys with top notch staffs to help with their phone answering are bound to miss out on a few calls throughout the day. And while it’s understandable that a law office could let a few calls slips through the cracks, it’s hard to blame the clients or prospective customers of a firm for getting upset when their calls are missed.

People calling into a law office aren’t waiting on a pizza or a bouquet of flowers. They’re reaching out for help regarding potentially life changing legal problems. We’re talking about divorces, child custody matters, and foreclosures. Time is always of the essence in these situations, and when new developments emerge, you want answers from your attorney right away.

Unfortunately for legal consumers, most lawyers aren’t interested in going the extra mile to make sure all their incoming calls get answered by a live person. A lot of attorneys will let calls go to their voicemail, and take hours, and in some cases days to get back to clients. Rich Lebovitz is not one of those lawyers. Getting in touch with Mr. Lebovitz is never difficult, and that’s largely in thanks to a game-changing service his firm utilizes, that a lot of other lawyers aren’t taking advantage of.

Lebovitz Law Uses A Legal Answering Service

A few years back, Lebovitz Law signed up with a phone answering service called Answering Legal, to aid in picking up all the calls his office could not get to on their own. While many call centers aren’t equipped to handle phone calls regarding important legal matters, Answering Legal is a service specially designed for helping lawyers answer their calls. The members of their receptionist team have all gone through months of specialized legal phone answering training, and are available to answer Lebovitz Law’s calls on a 24/7 basis.

With the help of Answering Legal, Lebovitz Law is able to:

  • Provide everyone of its callers a live person to speak with, even on calls that occur outside of normal office hours.
  • Perform full new client intakes on all first time callers.
  • Get client messages to attorney Rich Lebovitz in an instant.

With a legal answering service behind him, Mr. Lebovitz has the peace of mind of knowing that all calls to his practice are being properly answered, and all his clients are having their needs attended to, even if they call in late at night or over the weekend. Of course Lebovitz doesn’t just use Answering Legal to make his own life easier.

Answering Legal Helps Lebovitz Law Better Serve Its Clients

Attorney Rich Lebovitz is already one of the best in the game when it comes to helping clients with sensitive family matters. During your worst days, there is no one better to have in your corner. What Answering Legal does is help Mr. Lebovitz be more accessible to his clients.

Every time a first time callers reaches out to Lebovitz Law and an Answering Legal receptionist answers, their personal and case information will immediately be sent to Mr. Lebovitz via text and email message. This allows him to get back to prospective clients in a hurry and address whatever questions and concerns they have in a follow-up phone call. The same procedure occurs for current clients leaving Mr. Lebovitz a message. Rather than having a message getting lost in the firm’s overcrowded voicemail machine, Lebovitz receives a direct message on his phone with details of the client’s message, allowing him to take immediate action. Answering Legal receptionists can also attempt to transfer Mr. Lebovitz on to calls regarding urgent matters, and if they are unable to reach him, can provide the caller with a time frame for when they can expect a call back from the attorney.

At the end of the day, the clients are the biggest winners of Lebovitz Law’s answering service investment, as they receive prompt answers and solutions to their questions and problems, and get to maximize their interaction time with one the Baltimore Metro Area’s most experienced and knowledgeable legal minds.

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