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What You Need to Know About Baltimore County Expedited School Enrollment Hearings

School kids waiting in lineOver the course of the summer (June-August), the Baltimore County Circuit Court will have a dedicated Family Division Judge available to review any contested school enrollment issues on an expedited basis. If you have a school enrollment issue to bring before the Court, now is the time to do it.

Why Should You Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

In most cases, school enrollment matters are only considered on an expedited basis in cases where the defendants have been served, and the case is already at issue. These special hearing sessions will allow you to benefit from an expedited hearing without the traditional process for obtaining one.

How Can You Obtain an Expedited Hearing?

The attorney who is seeking expedited relief needs to provide reasonable notice to the other party that there will be a Petition for Expedited Hearing presented pertaining to school enrollment. The original copy of the Petition needs to be filed at the Clerk’s Office, and a copy should be delivered to the chambers of the assigned judge who is taking Expedited School Enrollment hearing requests.

The Petition that is submitted by the lawyer should contain:

  1. Information indicating any existing Orders covering child custody and schooling arrangements
  2. The child’s enrollment history
  3. Proposed changes to school enrollment
  4. Any grounds for an expedited hearing on the issue

What Happens Next?

The judge can either attempt to resolve the Petition by consulting with counsel, refer the case to the Office of Family Mediation, forward the case to a Settlement Court Judge, schedule the case for an expedited hearing or conclude that an expedited hearing is not necessary. If the judge calls for an expedited hearing, it will be scheduled within 7 business days.

Choose the Right School Enrollment Hearing Lawyer

In order to emphasize the importance of an expedited hearing and take advantage of Baltimore’s summer opportunities for school enrollment hearings, you need a good lawyer who knows how to state your case. Lebovitz Law has decades of experience working with families throughout the school enrollment process, custody issues and more. We are experts at creating agreements that resolve issues. To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us today.

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