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What to Do If Youu2019re Unhappy with Tenancy in Baltimore

Keys on a desk labeled "For Rent"While most families or individuals moving into rental properties plan to stay for the duration of the lease that was signed, if the property is unsafe or unacceptable that might not be possible. If you find yourself unhappy with tenancy in Baltimore and management is dragging out repairs and remedies for the situation, you need to know your rights.

What Is an Unsafe or Unacceptable Apartment?

In Maryland, your landlord is generally responsible for providing habitable living conditions and paying for repairs. If you aren’t sure whether or not this is the case for your lease, you should review your lease with a lawyer. In general, your lease came with the understanding that the property should follow local and state housing codes. As the landlord, your property management company or property owner has an obligation to keep the property livable. For example, if you live in an apartment and the heater breaks in the winter, the landlord is required to make repairs in a timely fashion so that the property is safe to occupy.

Depending on your rental agreement, there may be specific requirements for reporting an emergency situation in a timely fashion. If you do not follow the emergency notification procedures outlined in your lease, there can sometimes be a waiver, which means that you might lose the right to pursue some remedies outlined in your lease. If you don’t notify your landlord of an issue, you could be liable for damages.

If Your Landlord Won’t Make Repairs

Depending on your lease, the laws governing your Maryland property and the extent of required repairs, there is a certain reasonable amount of time for repairs to be performed. Once your landlord has failed to make repairs and restore the property to a habitable condition, there are several ways to move forward.

You Need a Lawyer

Many tenants unhappy with tenancy in Baltimore wait too long to consult with a lawyer about the situation. This leads to messy court cases where a lawyer is brought onboard partway through a case, and sometimes after the tenant has already made several unadvisable decisions. You should partner with a lawyer when the problems begin to resolve the situation and reach a satisfactory solution. If you are unhappy with tenancy in Baltimore, you don’t need to wait out your lease.

The most common remedies for the situation include:

  • Moving out and ending your obligation to pay rent
  • Stay in the property, cease rental payment and defend against eviction

Every situation varies, so consulting with a lawyer is vital.

Unhappy with Tenancy in Baltimore? Contact Lebovitz Law

If you are living in untenable conditions, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us today.

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