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Precise and Decisive

By Ken S.

After seven years of litigation, including two, not one divorce trials and continuous frivolous filings by the mother, even after she was jailed from breaking an order of protection I had against her, I find myself still in court fighting for the sobriety and sanctity of my now 13year-old son. I knew there continued to be battles from the unstable mother and legal bills were nearing a staggering $700k for just a “simple” divorce.

After moving to PA in an effort to get to a jurisdiction that follows the law as written rather than rewriting based on judicial bias, I requested counsel to file a request for jurisdictional transfer. After two years of “research” by counsel on how to do the transfer, I had enough. I filed it myself and looked for new counsel.

In looking for help in filing myself I went to legal assistance offered by the circuit court of MD and was told by Richard Lebovitz that it was a simple request.

After taking his advice I was hit with another frivolous law suit and immediately hired Richard.

Richard responses were precise and decisive. His billing practices were immediate and fully transparent. Dealing with him was the breath of fresh air I needed. He plays no politics. He just follows the legal process which made things so much simpler.

Although my case seems far from over, I have found an attorney in Richard I know really cares about my son, my well being and will do all he can to be sure every right I have as a single dad is explored.

If you have a simple or very complex matter I could not recommend an attorney with any greater enthusiasm than Richard. Please give Richard a call for your own sake.

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