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Divorce in Maryland

Divorce can be very emotional and stressful, even if it is amicable. Many people in the middle of a divorce want iPhone Open to Social Media Appsto share their feelings and updates with family and friends on social media, but this can lead to serious problems that could impact the outcome of the case. What are some of the social media mistakes that you should make sure to avoid during a divorce in Maryland?

Badmouthing the Other Party

It’s understandable that you want to be open with the people that you love on your social media networks, particularly if you have a profile that isn’t public. However, you need to remember that anything you post that anyone can see, even if it’s only a few of your friends, is public. Never post emotional rants about the other party or badmouth them on social media. The things that you say can be used against you in court, and you could even put yourself at risk of a libel suit if you post false information that defames them.

Posting Too Many Pictures

This might surprise you, but everything that you post on social media could be used as evidence during your case for divorce in Maryland. If you are dating someone new, going out with friends or having fun as a newly single person, the photos that you post could be taken out of context and spun as evidence that you are an unfit parent or that you were unfaithful. It can be hard to stop sharing things about your life if things are going well now that you are separated, but you need to remember that your divorce case is not over until it’s over, and your postings are particularly critical if you are also having a child custody case.

Adding Your Location

If your divorce in Maryland involves elements of domestic violence or abuse, or if you are concerned that your ex-spouse might try to retaliate against you, you should always avoid revealing your location on social media. Make sure that pictures are not tagged with a location, and if possible, wait to post photos of your lunch or fun outing with friends until after you have already left the location. This is one way to protect yourself and your best interests.

Showing Big-Ticket Purchases

At the end of the day, every divorce in Maryland will involve a certain amount of discussion regarding the financial assets of the couple. If you are in court claiming that there are not many assets to divide up but then go purchase a new luxury car, it’s a bad look for your case. Avoid posting anything about big-ticket purchases that you make, even if you need a new car or the purchase is appropriate. There is no reason to unnecessarily expose yourself to questioning during the case.

Blocking Your Ex

It’s a good idea to avoid blocking your ex-spouse on social media, particularly if you will need to co-parent in the future. Before you consider severing all ties, think carefully about the relationship that you will have in the future. Even if the door is closed to friendship or an amicable relationship, if there are children involved it’s a good idea to leave your social media profiles untouched. You can always adjust privacy settings for a post if necessary.

Help With Separation and Divorce in Maryland from The Attorneys at Lebovitz Law, LLC

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