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Should You Avoid Dating During the Divorce Process?

divorce word next to gavel and ringsDivorce is an emotionally taxing experience for everyone involved. It can also be a lonely time for both partners, as they will each have to adjust to being on their own for what is perhaps the first time in a long time. It is not difficult to understand why someone in this situation may want to reach out and begin seeking companionship again. From a legal standpoint however, it is important to think about the following considerations. Ultimately, the decision is a personal one and therefore up to you.

Not Separated Yet? Consider Waiting Until You Are At Least Separated

Dating during a divorce is tricky enough. If you aren’t separated yet, this could be viewed as an affair by the courts and your spouse since technically you are still married at this point. Even if both of you have agreed that the marriage is over, this can come up in court and potentially be harmful to your case.

There’s nothing wrong with going out to socialize before separating, and you can’t avoid meeting potential partners who you may share a connection with. However, you should be honest about your situation and practice discretion during this time. There are other ways to find people to confide in during a separation; consider a support group or spend more time with family instead of jumping into the dating scene.

It’s Not a Good Idea to Flaunt Your New Relationship

If you’re separated and thinking about dating during a divorce, keep in mind that this could still impact the divorce process if raised as a point of contention. Which in turn might add to litigation/negotiation times as well as to your expenses. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse gets wind of your new relationship, they may think it began prior to the divorce proceedings. An attorney could even depose or subpoena your new partner to get more information about the relationship, including when it started. Needless to say, this could make for a complex and uncomfortable situation.

Try to avoid posting to social media or using dating applications. Any “trail” you leave could be used against you in court during the divorce proceedings.

Wait to Involve Your Kids

If you are dating during a divorce, try to keep your kids out of the crosshairs. There will be time to introduce them to your new partner later; for now, focus on guiding them through this difficult time and healing family wounds first. Divorce can be traumatizing for children, and the prospect of dividing time between two parents can be stressful enough for them. A new partner will only add to their pain and confusion.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and we can help you navigate the process with our team of attorneys experienced in these matters.

Not Sure About Dating During a Divorce? The Attorneys at Lebovitz Law, LLC Can Help

Need help deciding if dating during a divorce is a good idea? Whether you are searching for an experienced lawyer to assist with your divorce, negotiating child support in Maryland or other issues, the attorneys at Lebovitz Law, LLC can help. To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us today at (410) 324-3267.

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