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Maintaining Stability for Children After Divorce in Maryland

Little girl holding her drawing of a homeIn the aftermath of a divorce in Maryland with children involved, both parents will need to put their relationship aside to focus on the children. The state of Maryland always prioritizes the best interests of the children when making custody decisions, and their ruling will govern what you can and cannot do with your children after divorce. However, how can you maintain stability for your kids after divorce in Maryland?

After a Divorce in Maryland

First, remember that divorce will affect your children in some fashion even if you have worked hard to keep them as separate from the process as possible. Two parents separating is a big change for a child, and they will not necessarily have positive feelings about their new reality. Children will also pick up on your concerns, like money or moving, and make them their own. In the aftermath of a divorce in Maryland, make sure that you work hard to help your child feel safe and cared for. It is up to parents to provide their children stability after a divorce.

Maintaining Stability After a Divorce

  1. Pay attention to what you say in front of your children. Resist any temptation to make rude or passive aggressive comments about the other parent in front of your child, even if you feel like your ex-spouse deserves it. Children benefit from having positive relationships with both parents, and listening to one parent disparage the other does not help to facilitate that.
  2. Stick to the custody schedule that you agreed upon during the divorce process. If you are the custodial parent, maintain regular rules, bedtimes and mealtimes. Children value routine, even if they seem to be pushing back, and it will help to keep them on track when other things are changing. A parenting plan, created with the help of a lawyer, can help you to do this.
  3. If your child does seem to be taking the divorce hard and you notice that things are getting more difficult at school, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Divorces are difficult on both parents and children, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help from a professional, like a therapist or psychologist.

Get Help with Your Divorce in Maryland with Lebovitz Law

Whether you are preparing to file for divorce in Maryland or looking to create a parenting plan that works for you, Lebovitz Law can help. To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us today.

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