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Holidays and Child Custody

The holidays are almost here, and you’ll want to ensure that you have a solid visitation schedule in place for this time of year. It can be an exceptionally exciting time for your child, but it can also be a stressful time during or after divorce proceedings. This past year has been especially challenging for families due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well. The experienced attorneys at Lebovitz Law LLC know how important it is for you to spend time with your children and make them feel special during the holidays. That’s why we want to provide you with as much knowledge on child custody cases as we can, specifically considering the difficult decisions that may arise during vacations and holiday events.

What’s Required in Maryland

As of early 2020, the state of Maryland has ruled that all child custody cases must present a parenting plan to the court. This typically includes all the major decisions involved in the care of the child, like an education plan, how parents will come together to communicate about their child’s needs, and how much time will be spent with each parent. Once the parents come to an agreement, which mediation can help foster, a visitation schedule is implemented. You should always include holiday and vacation plans in this arrangement, as it can be tricky to deal with later; without addressing this, you may have to return to court to settle a holiday child custody dispute.

It is always best to put your child first and see the world from their eyes. More than likely, they want equal time with both parents and a stress-free environment moving forward. By planning as much as possible in advance, your child will feel much more content and you will be glad to have a concrete blueprint for the future.

How to Make a Plan for the Holidays

When it comes to making a schedule for a child custody case during the holidays, you’ll be happy to know you have several options. You can:

  • Designate Specific Holidays. One parent spends one holiday with their child, and the other parent takes a different holiday.
  • Split Holidays. Your child spends half the day with one parent, and the other half with the other. This option can work well, but make sure your child doesn’t feel overly taxed by too much travel.
  • Celebrate Twice. For instance, one child might spend Christmas Day with one parent, and celebrate Christmas again in early January with their second parent.
  • Alternate Holidays. You could also flip-flop holidays year to year. While one parent, for example, would have Thanksgiving or Hanukkah one year, the other would have it completely the next. This would mean one parent would skip a year for each holiday, but it could make things easier for your child if they can count on this plan annually.

Whatever you choose, the experienced attorneys at Lebovitz Law LLC can help you find the right solution for your needs. If your relationship isn’t currently amicable and an agreement can’t be made, you may want to turn to a holiday court to settle the dispute as quickly as possible. In Maryland, child custody disputes relating to holiday arrangements are prioritized. We are on your side, and we want you and your child to have the best holiday season imaginable. You deserve time with your child, especially during memorable events such as these. It doesn’t have to be a hassle: let’s work it out together.

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