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Common Mistakes People Make when Facing a Legal Dispute

Common Mistakes People Make When Facing a Legal DisputeEven if you have a basic understanding of the legal world, it may not be sufficient to win a case. Trying to settle legal disputes on your own can put a burden on your personal and professional life. However, working with an experienced attorney can reduce not only your stress but also the chance of a critical mistake.

At Lebovitz Law LLC, we want to make you aware of legal issues ahead of time so that you can eliminate any costly pitfalls. And to do so, we have listed three of the most common mistakes people make when faced with a legal problem.

1. Not taking a complaint seriously.

When served with a complaint, the most common mistakes clients make include not reading the complaint, not filing an answer to the complaint or not seeking legal help to answer a complaint correctly and discuss legal rights.

If you want to resolve a complaint, take a look at the instructional forms available on the state court websites. You stand a chance of losing your legal rights or have a default granted against you which could have been avoided.

2. Not seeking immediate legal assistance.

Potential clients tend to worry more about a problem instead of focussing on a solution. They wait too long before resolving an issue. In Maryland, the statute of limitations is three years while in Pennsylvania, it is two years.

If you prolong legal action, your potential claim can be barred or dismissed as untimely filed. When you first notice a legal problem, it is thus advisable to contact a lawyer to advise you.

3. Not taking swift action against debt notices.

There are occasions where clients receive notices of debt from debt collectors but may not owe the amount. However, they fail to respond to the notice or request accounting from the collection company to prove the amount due.

It is beneficial to seek legal assistance or hire a professional to review your paperwork and resolve issues promptly. It is only by actively responding to a legal situation that it will be worked out.

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