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4 Benefits of Professional Mediation During Your Divorce

Wood blocks labeled: success, well-being, peace, agreement, and mediation stacked upSome major life decisions are straightforward, while others are complex and emotional. Divorce is often the latter. Due to the stressful and emotional nature of divorce, it can be incredibly destructive to everyone involved, including both spouses and their children. Professional mediation during your divorce cannot entirely remove the complex and hard decisions that need to be made from the equation, but it can help you and your partner to work through decisions as peacefully as possible and come to a resolution.

What Is Professional Mediation During Your Divorce?

A professional mediator, like Lebovitz Law, is a third party who does not have a “side” in the argument. This allows them to guide you and your spouse through the major decisions that need to be made during your divorce and come up with solutions. What can be covered during professional mediation?

  • A parenting plan
  • Co-parenting guidelines for post-divorce life
  • Child support
  • Division of assets
  • Alimony
  • And more!

Professional mediation during your divorce ensures that one spouse does not “win” at the expense of the other and, instead, that resolutions benefitting both sides are developed and agreed upon.

4 Benefits of Professional Mediation During Your Divorce

  1. Less Stress: Mediation is much less stressful than traditional divorce proceedings, as it aims for friendly cooperation and a mutually-beneficial ending. The mediator knows how to ease tension and remove as much emotion from the process as possible. Remember that less stress on you also means less stress on your children.
  2. Faster: While every divorce is different, professional mediation during your divorce often leads to a faster process than a traditional divorce. Mediation is designed to be cooperative and flexible, which allows both parties to work together every step of the way to find a resolution.
  3. Private: Divorce takes place in a courtroom, while mediation takes place behind closed doors. If you are concerned about your private life being spoken about in a courtroom or being part of the public record through a divorce, mediation is a better option. Mediation is completely confidential and private.
  4. Child-Centered: If you have children, opting for professional mediation during your divorce is a great way to ensure that no damaging custody battles occur. Mediation is cooperative and designed to be brief, so all custody issues and visitation rights will be negotiated and agreed upon between both parents privately. It is never good for children to see their parents fighting or feel like they need to pick a side, and private mediation can ensure your children stay far away from the details of your separation.

Get Help with Your Divorce in Maryland with Lebovitz Law

Whether you are preparing to file for divorce in Maryland or looking to create a parenting plan that works for you, Lebovitz Law can help. To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us today.

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